, Muskogee, OK


January 11, 2013

Suspend enforcement, improve law

— It is pointless to enforce bad law.

A Muskogee city ordinance banning vehicles parked on unpaved surfaces hurts businesses and deserves City Council review.

When the council meets Monday night, it will determine whether to suspend enforcement of the ordinance while it goes through the process of revising the zoning codes.

That’s the right move.

The ordinance, presumably written to prevent residents from abandoning junk cars in residential areas, also prevents legitimate car dealerships from displaying their product.

We have long been in favor of allowing car dealerships to park vehicles on well-maintained grassy areas.

The dealers are in the business of selling cars.

They will not display junk cars. They will maintain the area around the cars.

They have a financial stake in making the cars look as attractive as possible.

If the council suspends enforcement, it will suspend it for everyone. It can’t selectively enforce any law.

While the ordinance is in limbo, the council should make sure the new zoning codes favors legitimate business while preventing neighborhoods from faux auto junk yards.

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