, Muskogee, OK


January 12, 2013

Tax credit helps protect clean water

Renewed tax credits designed to move poultry waste from critical water sources will help provide cleaner water for future generations.

The credit, $10 per ton, was ejected from the budget when money became tight.

The program, which was reinstated July 1, was created to protect sensitive watersheds.

Poultry litter is a good source of phosphorus and nitrogen, which makes it a good fertilizer.

When there is so much litter that it can’t be absorbed into the ground, rain will wash the excess into waterways such as the Illinois River.

The runoff spurs algae grow, which chokes waterways of oxygen.

By offering a tax credit, we create greater incentive for buyers to remove the litter from sensitive areas.

By removing the waste, we protect water.

Our grandchildren will be grateful for the cleaner water this program helps provide.

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