, Muskogee, OK

July 25, 2013

Extra time for QuikTrip smart move

— Muskogee city officials are right to give QuikTrip additional time to determine all of the consequences of building here.

The city of Muskogee has agreed to sell a parcel on the southwest corner of the U.S. 69-Shawnee Bypass intersection.

A recent environmental review revealed the site may “contain waters of the United States.”

That means the QuikTrip officials will have to obtain Clean Water Act permits from the U.S. Corps of Engineers.

The Corps will have to be satisfied that any new construction will not cause contaminants to flow into a nearby creek and wind up downstream in bigger bodies of water.

The problem is not unusual.

That the situation could prohibit QuikTrip from building on that corner is a worst case scenario.

That corner seems to have tremendous economic growth potential.

And QuikTrip would seem to be the best option to encourage the other three corners to be developed, too.

QuikTrip has asked for extra time to assess the consequences of the new information.

The city has agreed to extra time.

That was the right move.

That intersection has not produced any kind of tax revenue for decades.

A month or a few more months won’t matter much.

Walking away early from the kind of tenant Muskogee should seek for that corner would be a problem.

Muskogee should continue to support QuikTrip until QuikTrip is satisfied that returning to the Muskogee market is the right idea.