, Muskogee, OK


June 5, 2014

Morgan's job a nod to her, Muskogee

Sheril Morgan’s new job as Schools of Character Director for the Character Education Partnership is a huge acknowledgment of her abilities and passions.

The new job, which Morgan began Monday, also is a big feather in the cap of Muskogee and Muskogee schools.

Morgan’s hiring proves Muskogee’s emphasis on character education in both the Muskogee and Hilldale school districts is on the right track.

Morgan was the co-coordinator for OK Schools of Character — another recognition of a job well done.

Her new job is an extension of her commitment to serving students by teaching them about leadership.

Character Education Partnership is a national advocate and leader for the character education movement.

Character education goes beyond helping students succeed in the classroom.

Character education also helps students become better people, and society benefits when better citizens graduate high school.

The lessons learned in school should last a lifetime.

It is incredibly important work that needs to be done by special people.

Morgan’s new job shows how much a national organization thinks of her and her work.

It also is a nod to Muskogee. It is additional proof that Muskogee is on the leading edge of character education.

Congratulations, Sheril.

You’ve made Muskogee proud.

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