, Muskogee, OK


July 1, 2014

Pave the way to healthy living

Muskogee must create many more miles of sidewalks, complete the Centennial Trail and expand fitness options at city parks to help citizens become more healthy.

Most of the health problems in Muskogee and surrounding communities can be traced back to alcohol and tobacco consumption, poor diets, and sedentary lifestyles.

Muskogee could help to reverse some of these trends by making it easier and more convenient to exercise.

Muskogee should make sure that any citizen in our city can walk — on sidewalks or the trail — to get to a city park.

Too many areas in our city do not have sidewalks.

In some cases, it is more convenient to drive to a park to walk or jog.

We believe citizens would be encouraged to get off the couch and walk, run or jog if the paths were available around the city.

We believe that if you start getting into better shape that we will abandon some of our worst habits — tobacco and alcohol use.

The city of Muskogee must invest more money into fitness. The recent addition of bike lanes was a good idea.

State and federal government should be a part of this process, too. We must look for every grant option available to fund a city of sidewalks.

The city needs to make fitness not just an option, but such a convenient option that it is almost impossible to turn down.

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