, Muskogee, OK


July 4, 2014

Day without crime worth repeating

We should all work together to make Muskogee more like it was on July 1.

It isn’t that the weather was perfect or that the city marked some historic milestone.

In most respects that Tuesday was an ordinary day here. But the day saw one major difference — crime apparently took a holiday.

No felonies and no serious misdemeanors were reported. The police didn’t take any offense reports with written statements. It was a slow day for law enforcement.

That is a rare thing for Muskogee.

We could have more days like this. If we had a day with little crime, we could have two. Just imagine — we could have a week with no crime.

July 1 may have been a random occurrence, but it shows what is possible.

Do you want more days like this? If so, we all have a role to play in making the change.

Making the change will take effort. We will have to want it. We will have to care.

Get to know your neighbors. Look out for one another.

Take precautions. Don’t leave the doors to your car or your home unlocked. Turn on your porch lights.

Too many of our streets are dark. We need to get our street lights back on. Darkness gives crime a place to hide.

Law enforcement could handle the slowdown, we are sure. The police department could find positive ways to use the resources freed up by fewer serious offenses.

Muskogee should give them the opportunity to try.

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