, Muskogee, OK


July 13, 2014

Park patrons deserve restrooms

Muskogee city councilors should build permanent restrooms for patrons of Robison Park.

The park, located in southeast Muskogee, is much improved over years past.

The city has improved the park by adding a splash pad, basketball courts and a gazebo.

The improvements were spurred by advocates of the park.

Ward IV Councilor Ivory Vann has helped champion the park’s improvements.

Vann is seeking to have portable toilets removed from the park and replaced with permanent restrooms.

He is right.

The city needs to remove the port-a-potties because they violate city code.

Building and maintaining restrooms are two different things.

You might be able to find one-time money to build the facility. But you need to find yearly money to clean and maintain them.

That’s a drawback. But it’s a drawback that needs to be overcome.

City Attorney Roy Tucker stated in a memorandum that permanent restrooms are not required unless a structure has been built.

Tucker is right — at least on the letter of the law, but not the spirit.

Robison Park patrons deserve permanent restrooms.

They are necessary for a variety of reasons. Permanent restrooms encourage greater use of the park.

Permanent restrooms became an absolute necessity once the city built a splash pad for children to use.

The restrooms are needed because Robison Park should become a destination for local activity in much the same way that Honor Heights and Spaulding parks attract visitors.

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