, Muskogee, OK

May 12, 2013

Tell your mother you love her

— It can be argued that the greatest achievements in life began with your mom.

Without her, nothing was possible.

So don’t forget to remind your mother how much she has meant to your life.

Without her nothing was possible.

The very circle of life begins with your mother.

Mothers give birth to the very best of us.

Let’s also remember that the biological act of giving birth is not where motherhood ends. It is one of the first steps in a very long journey.

A great mom is more than the person who gave you birth.

A great mom is the person who:

• Hugged you every time you were hurt as a child and longs to hold you now when she thinks you are hurting.

• Embarrassed you with her affection in front of your friends and would welcome a public display of affection from you today.

• Rooted for you when you weren’t very good at sports or band or performing and made you feel like a superstar.

• Fed you, laughed with you, made you feel that  you could do anything.

• Knew when to keep your secret from dad.

Great moms do all these things.

Great moms would gladly go back and do all those things again.

Every day should be Mother’s Day.

We should revere our mothers every day.

They are not here forever.

But a great mother’s impact is felt for generations.

Happy Mother’s Day.