, Muskogee, OK


October 19, 2012

Firefighters teach safety in fun way

Fire safety is a serious matter.

Muskogee firefighters have found a great way to express that message to children in an amusing way.

The firefighters dressed up as clowns and gave a series of fire safety presentations as part of National Fire Prevention Week.

About 1,300 children between age 3 and second grade filled the Muskogee Civic Center for the shows.

The children learned the importance of having an escape strategy in the event of a fire.

They learned how to check doors to be sure there is no fire on the other side.

They learned to have at least two exits.

They learned to meet in a pre-determined place and take a head count to ensure everyone gets out of a fire safely.

Children also saw — and participated in — instructions on how to “stop, drop and roll,” along with other safety tips, ranging from avoiding playing around the stove to the difference between “tools and toys.”

“We’re teaching kids safety when they’re young,” Fireman Steve Beauvais said. “Hopefully it makes a difference.”

Parents should reinforce these lessons at home with their children.

The more children understand fire safety, the more time firefighters will  have to clown around.

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