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September 26, 2013

Drop charges against Brown

South Carolina authorities should drop any charges against Dusten Brown now that Veronica has been given to her adoptive parents.

Brown’s fight to keep his daughter ended this week when she was handed over to her South Carolina adoptive parents.

That was after Brown failed to appear in South Carolina for a family court hearing.

Brown was charged with custodial interference as a result of his absence.

Veronica’s case has been well-documented.

Brown fought to keep her from being adopted by a South Carolina couple after Veronica’s mother agreed to the adoption.

But that’s not the point, now.

The case is over.

Veronica, rightly or wrongly, is with her adoptive parents.

The healing needs to begin.

And that won’t happen if her father is placed in jail for doing what just about any father would do to keep his daughter.

We should have expected Brown to do all he could to keep her.

It is in nobody’s best interest to have Brown jailed.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin earlier suggested Brown should give up Veronica. Fallin signed papers to allow his extradition on the South Carolina charge.

Now she is trying to persuade South Carolina to drop the charges and the extradition order.

It’s the right thing to do.

Enough pain has been inflicted on all the parties involved.

Everyone needs to be given a reprieve from the national spotlight.

Veronica needs a chance to grow up without public scrutiny.

No one will be able to heal if Brown is in jail.

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