, Muskogee, OK


April 26, 2013

Better ideas better for the city

Better ideas create competition for City of Muskogee Foundation grants.

That’s exactly what Muskogee needs — better ideas.

In years past the foundation had “more money than good grant” applications, the top official for the foundation said.

This year “will be the first year we will have to turn down good grants,” foundation Executive Director Frank Merrick said.

That’s a positive change for our city.

The foundation received 53 letters of inquiry seeking more than $7 million in this year’s grant cycle.

The foundation pared that number down to 40 applicants who were asked to complete the application process.

Those 40 grant applications are asking for a total of $5.14 million.

The foundation had set aside $4.25 million for this year’s grant cycle.

After subtracting grant commitments  made for scholarships and summer programs, those 40 will be battling over a pool of $3.85 million.

The foundation will be forced to make some very difficult decisions in the coming weeks.

But that’s exactly what the city should have hoped for when it created the foundation.

The city needs better ideas. It needs great ideas.

The foundation should be funding the very best ideas for the future of our city.

While some organizations will go without this year, the city will see a benefit from a deeper pool of better ideas.

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