, Muskogee, OK


August 7, 2013

Safe, secure should be citywide goal

A program designed to curb violence in Muskogee needs the help and support of its citizens.

Action in Muskogee’s Safe and Secure Initiative committee wants to make an impact with its neighborhood outreach program and a mentoring program for elementary school children.

The Rev. Marlon Coleman knows the power of a committed community.

He was one of the pastors and dozens of volunteers who helped calm the waters of a community hit by a string of violence in 2012.

The group’s goal was to teach young people to stay calm and carry on instead of getting angry and hurting someone.

The group did an event about a year ago in an area that was seeing a high number of calls for police, he said.

“And we got off to a great start.We fed them dinner, and we talked to them about anger management,” Coleman said. “There were people who went to find their friends and bring them back to hear what we were saying that day.”

Coleman said the group learned from that experience that although their intentions were good and their methods sound, “we need 10 times the volunteers and 10 times the follow-up to really be successful.”

Every citizen must be involved in some way if we are to make every citizen safe and secure.

It’s the right thing to do.

You can help

To volunteer to help Action in Muskogee’s Safe and Secure Initiative, call the Muskogee City-County Port Authority office at (918) 682-7887.

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