, Muskogee, OK

March 17, 2013

Stand up for our children

— Adults must do more to protect the most vulnerable of our society — our children.

As a group, we have failed recently.

There are too many stories of children who have been abused, raped or killed.

Too many of our children are growing up to get caught in the justice system.

In the past few weeks many of our children have been the subject of jury trials — either as the victim or the defendant.

The fact that we have wound up here may be the problem.

But how we got here is the key to finding an answer to the problem.

Children in our community face far too many obstacles at birth.

Some are born into poverty. Some are born into homes where education is not emphasized. Some are born into homes of drug addicts or dealers.

We must do more to intervene in their lives early enough to give them the assistance they need to survive their circumstances.

Many more children just need someone to look out for them.

That’s an obligation of everyone.

It won’t get any better for these children until more people get involved.

There are many great people and many great organizations that take the time to care for children.

But there are so many more children who need the help of someone who cares.

We must be the protectors of children.

The primary role of an adult is to protect those least able to protect themselves.

In the name of all the children who are not with us today, we must stand up for those who need us the most.