, Muskogee, OK


March 17, 2014

Bidders have empty hands, full hearts

Those who bid on animals at the Muskogee Regional Junior Livestock Show’s Sale of Champions deserve a round of applause.

These agriculture boosters, both individuals and companies, bid on exhibitors’ livestock. The exhibitors keep the animals and the money from the sale. Bidders walk away with empty hands, but their hearts should be full.

By bidding on the animals at the premium auction, they support the hard work the kids put into raising, grooming and showing the stock. It rewards those who show well.  

The money can also help exhibitors foot the bill for the next level of competition.

Competing in livestock shows offers benefits for young people.

Kids learn the benefits of a work ethic. They learn to care for and put the needs of another creature ahead of their own comfort. They learn that competition and comradery can go hand in hand.

These are valuable lessons not just for agriculture students. They are valuable life lessons for any child.

Bidders support and reward livestock exhibitors. By doing so, they are helping these young people participate in an activity that is just plain good for them.

We celebrate the lessons and thank those willing to give their support.

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