, Muskogee, OK


January 26, 2013

Downtown needs one plan

Muskogee needs a comprehensive plan to revitalize our downtown.

Action In Muskogee could take a strong leadership role in offering a jumping off point for that plan.

AIM, a project of the Muskogee City-County Port Authority, was tasked  to develop a community-inspired implementation plan with accountability to improve Muskogee.  

AIM has targeted several goals to improve Muskogee that could affect downtown:

• Safe and Secure;

• Strong Economy;

• Community Pride; and

• Clean and Beautiful.

While AIM participants thought there were more pressing needs than downtown revitalization, downtown could be improved as a result of AIM’s top goals being realized.

Our downtown has gradually improved over the last few years.

There are several new businesses and apartment buildings located downtown.

But Muskogee has too many derelict or unused buildings downtown.

One of those buildings is in the process of being razed. Another is scheduled to be demolished.

The razing of those buildings and the redevelopment of several buildings should be considered positive signs for improving downtown’s image and stimulating our economy.

Those positive developments have come independent of each other.

Muskogee needs a unified vision to speed up the process of redeveloping our core.

AIM is in the very best position to offer the kind of ideas we need. It can provide an excellent start for discussion.

AIM can provide the leadership needed to unify our efforts into one plan that will improve our downtown.

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