, Muskogee, OK

December 14, 2012

Pray for the victims

— Watching a tragedy unfold half a country away makes it more difficult to fully comprehend.

As the images of the shooting at a Connecticut elementary school flash across our TV screens and our computer monitors, we should keep our focus on the victims.

Too often when tragedy strikes America, people begin political posturing for gun control.

“We should ban all weapons and this would not have happened.”

“If the teachers had a gun in their desk, not as many children would have died.”

You will see this politicized over social media for days.

But, now, even as we struggle to grasp exactly what happened and how it could have happened, we can’t forget that our foremost energy should be spent thinking of the victims.

We should be deep in prayer for them, their families and their friends.

We should mourn their loss and grieve as a nation along with those in Connecticut.

It is natural to feel anger now.

It appears the sole perpetrator is dead.

But that does not stop us from wanting to punish someone for for such a cowardly act.

Re-channel that anger into thinking of the victims.

Turn your concern into thoughts of your loved ones.

Hug them tighter.

Tell them you love them.

Make sure everyone in your life knows how precious they are to you.

These next few days should be about finding justice and mourning the loss.

These next few days should be free of pundits, politicians and lobbyists.