, Muskogee, OK


June 2, 2014

Flooding issues need solution

Fort Gibson town authorities need to give themselves an attitude adjustment when it comes to residents’ issues with flooding.

Mayor Brad Clinkenbeard told residents at a board of trustees meeting a week ago that “we’re all screwed, basically, yes,” when it comes to dealing with flooding from recent rains.

Larry Dale Cooper, Fort Gibson Emergency Management director, said the location of the flooded areas shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Gee, that’s helpful.

Clinkenbeard did say that flooding is an issue “that we are just going to have to work through.”

He’s right.

Everyone in town government should be working to resolve these kind of issues.

That is why they were elected or accepted jobs.

It’s time for Fort Gibson authorities to get into motion to solve the problem.

Muskogee is lucky that the city is working to resolve the same kind of issues here.

There is a retention pond being built south of Chandler Road and east of York Street.

It will help stop flooding. It is one of the things Muskogee is doing to address flooding issues.

At least part of the project was paid for by increasing impervious surface fees.

Roofs and parking lots force rainwater to go somewhere. Many times it winds up flooding streets or homes.

Muskogee is working to solve our problems.

Fort Gibson has the ability to do that, too.

Flooding is a problem that needs officials’ attention until a solution can be found.

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