, Muskogee, OK

January 5, 2013

Shutterbugs pick top December photos

— The Muskogee Shutterbug Club meets at 6:30 p.m. at the Muskogee Public Library the second Tuesday of each month. The next meeting is Tuesday. Professional photographer Ed Doran will be teaching on “Why you still should use a light meter” at Tuesday’s meeting.

The Shutterbug Club is open to photographers of all ages and expertise. Check out the latest news and club information at or

Information: David Jones, (918) 686-9130 after 5 p.m.

December 2012 Best of the Best

The club had more than 270 photos submitted for this year’s Best of the Best competition. All entered photos had placed throughout the year as first, second, third or honorable mention.


Class A


First:  “Fishing at Beavers Bend” by David Jones

Second:  “What’s his name mama” by Jeff Williams

Third:  “Buffing Glass” by Joe Baucom

Honorable mention:  “Great Balls of Fire” by David Jones


Class A

General Pictorial

First:  “Multnomah Falls” by Jan Baucom

Second:  “Fireworks Feathers” by Tom Twine

Third:  “White Butterfly” by David Jones

Honorable mention:  “New Sheriff in Town” by Jeff Williams

Honorable mention:  “Mine” by David Jones


Class A


First: “American Pelicans” by Mary Robinson

Second: “Gulf Fritillary Butterfly” by Jeff Williams

Third: “Intent Stare” by Patricia Stiles

Honorable mention: “Helleborus” by Margaret Brown

Honorable mention: “Falling, Falling” by Jeff Williams


Class B


First: “Accident on Main Street” by Duane Cain

Second: “Jungle Gym Fun” by David Stiles

Third: “Not Again” by Jo Anna Davis

Honorable mention: “Easter Beauty” by Nancy Gassaway

Honorable mention: “Papa’s Surprise” by Nancy Gassaway


Class B

General Pictorial

First: “Bygone Bottles” by Nancy Gassaway

Second: “Perpetual Pacific” by Nancy Gassaway

Third: “Lauren” by Jo Anna Davis

Honorable mention: “Old Rugged Cross” by Diana Fields

Honorable mention: “Juneau” by David Stiles


Class B


First: “On the Rocks” by Diana Fields

Second: “Red and Wet” by David Stiles

Third: “Golden Spikes” by Nancy Gassaway

Honorable mention: “Bejeweled” by Carol Rice


Open Competition

First: “The Eyes Have It” by David Jones

Second: “Wisconsin-Old House” by Mary Robinson

Third: “Long Road Home” by Carol Rice

Honorable mention: “3D Image Cube” by Herman Kirby

Honorable mention: “Anything Goes” by Joe Baucom


Special Competition

First: “Snowy Crag” by Nancy Gassaway

Second: “Meria, Meria” by Jeff Williams

Third: “Concentric Circles” by David Jones

Honorable mention: “Clematus” by Carol Rice

Honorable mention: “Late Day Thunderstorm” by Jeff Williams



First: “Music Student” by James Edwards

Second: “Wild Turkey” by Joe Baucom

Third:  “Ceiling Pattern” by Jan Baucom

Honorable mention:  “Top of Twin Falls” by Betsy Edwards