, Muskogee, OK

November 3, 2013

Club names winners: Three Rivers meets two times per month

— Winners:

General Pictorial


First — Blue Eyes by Sarah Allen

Second — Bearing the Fog by Laura Cope

Third — Oklahoma Sod House View by LaDonna Criner



First — Pink Bows and Tutus by Jodi Gibson


Photo Journalism


First — Looking for a Ringer by Cliff Moore

Second — Come on Mom by Marie Gassaway


First — Keagan Jade by Cliff Moore

Second — Gazing upon You by Sarah Allen


First — You Don’t Scare Me by Laura Cope

Second — Nature’s Camouflage by Nancy Gassaway


Special Competition: Sunrise or Sunset

First — Heavenly Sunset by Polly Moore

Second — God’s Painted Sky by Kimberly Kindell

Third — Sunset at Honor Heights in Infra-red by Marie Gassaway