, Muskogee, OK

February 2, 2014

Books at library can get you started on genealogy

By Jere Harris
Books & More

— The Genealogy and Local History Department of the Muskogee Public Library offers free Genealogy Classes the first Tuesday and Thursday night of each month at 7 p.m.

A great beginners go-to book for guidance on starting your genealogy, “Who’s Your Daddy? A Guide to Genealogy from Start to Finish” by Carolyn B. Leonard, has all the answers.

Leonard states she was interested in her family history and wanted to learn how to do it, yet have fun doing it and still follow the rules of recording sources.

This book explains how to research in a down-to-earth tone and encourages the reader to travel, explore the basics of research and find the answers to the questions that will come up.

She gives clear instruction, real life illustrations, and plenty of strategies on locating records and recording sources.

The chapters are separated into logical subjects which would make it an easy-to-use handbook that the beginner could easily use.

Starting with a “Ten Good Reasons to Start” list, Leonard takes the researcher through a sequence of chapters that will squelch any fears of not being able to do one’s history.

She explains the basic forms of genealogy and sets the researcher on an easy path to achieve their goal of finding and recording family history.

The author explains where one would look for basic information at home, from family members records and from courthouses, libraries and online.

Everything the beginner would need to know is clearly explained in this great book. From using a pencil to fill out an ancestor chart, to how to cite online sources is easily found here.

This book is user friendly and chock full of information. It is the featured book for March of Muskogee Public Library’s Third Thursday Book Club.

The author will be present to talk about her book and will also conduct a basic genealogy workshop on March 20.

So be sure to read this one and learn the basics of research. The book is available for check out.

Other how to books are available both in the Genealogy and Local History Department and in the general collection where they can be checked out.

A really good basic genealogy class, Genealogy 101, is available free of charge as just one of the many Universal Classes made available by the library.

These online classes can be completed at the student’s leisure both at the library and at home.

The Muskogee County Genealogy Society also offers educational programs at its monthly meetings.

The February 27 meeting at 6 p.m. will be the second in a series on DNA.

The society is also holding a fund raiser with the winner receiving a Family Tree Family Finder DNA kit.

Visit the Genealogy and Local History Department to learn of other educational opportunities being offered in the area and nationally.

Jere Harris works in the Genealogy and Local History Department of the Muskogee Public Library. Reach her at (918) 682-6657, ext. 257.