, Muskogee, OK

June 22, 2013

Summer suited to suspense author

— “It’s the circumstances that create fear.  How you respond is all you can control.  Concentrate on that, and you’ll always succeed.”

— Steve Berry, “The Paris Vendetta”

It’s summer again and that means we’re in for another Steve Berry adventure.  If you haven’t read any of Steve’s books and you love suspense and/or history, then you’re missing out on some excellent reading.  For those who are seasoned Berry veterans, maybe, as with all of Steve’s books, you’ll find out something you didn’t know.

Steve began writing in the early 90s while practicing law.  He suffered 85 rejections for over 12 years until a publisher picked up his first three books, “The Amber Room,” “The Romanov Prophecy”, and “The Third Secret.”  These three standalone “Brownian” thrillers caught the eye of the fast-rising suspense genre audience and set Steve on the path of success.

Steve’s next offering, “The Templar Legacy,” introduced a character by the name of Cotton Malone.  An ex-CIA agent turned bookstore owner, Cotton is often pulled (unwillingly) into adventures that span continents, current events, and history.  Malone stood out as one of Steve’s most intriguing characters and propelled him on the successful path he remains on today, spawning seven sequels and three short stories.  Steve credits his success to the release of Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code,” as it revitalized the suspense genre and made it possible for so many authors to “make it” in the industry.

If you plan on trying a new author this summer and you’re a fan of suspense, history or both, then give Steve Berry a shot.  EODLS has copies of Steve Berry’s books available in a multitude of formats including printed book, audio CD, and e-book.  Thank you for your support of Muskogee Public Library and the Eastern Oklahoma District Library System.  We are one common mission, one common service, one dynamic library.

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