, Muskogee, OK

December 9, 2012

Shutterbugs pick November winners

— The Muskogee Shutterbug Club meets at 6:30 p.m. at the Muskogee Public Library the second Tuesday of each month. The next meeting is Tuesday, starting at 6 p.m. for the Christmas party. Bring a finger food.

At 6:30 p.m. Jan. 8, Ed Doran will be teaching on the use of light meters.

The Shutterbug Club is open to photographers of all ages and expertise. Check out the latest news and club information at or

Information: David Jones, (918) 686-9130 after 5 p.m.

November winners:

Class A


First — “I Think I Need to Get Out of Here” by Tom Twine

Second — “Buffing Glass” by Joe Baucom

Third — “Here I Come” by David Jones

General Pictorial

First — “Morning Beach” by Jeff Williams

Second — “Fireworks Feathers” by Tom Twine

Third -  “You’re Too Close” by David Jones

Honorable mention — “Last Look” by Robert Atchley


First — “Late Sunflower” by Margaret Brown

Second — “Eye of the Raptor” by Jeff Williams

Third — “Deep in the Woods” by Mary Robinson

Honorable mention — “Green Frog” by Joe Baucom

Class B


First — “Where is He?” by Mika Conn

Second — “Aiden & MayMay Digging for Crystal” by Wanda Gordon

Third — “Will Fly for Food” by Nancy Gassaway


General Pictorial

First — “Mr. Owl” by Diana Fields

Second — “Ruffled Feathers” by Carol Rice

Third — “This is Love” by Diana Fields

Honorable mention — “Sleeping Princess” by Wanda Gordon


First — “No Fishing License Needed” by Duane Cain

Second — “Reflections” by Carol Rice

Third — “Oh, Give Me a Home” by Nancy Gassaway


First — “Autumn” by James Edwards

Second — “Clear for Landing” by Jan Baucom

Third — “Low in the Grass by Joe Baucom

Honorable mention — “Top of Twin Falls  by Betsy Edwards

Honorable mention — “Big & Little Cars” by Jan Baucom

Open 1

First — “Reflection in Magnifying Glass” by Jan Baucom

Second — “3D Image Cube” by Herman Kirby

Third — “Witch Wagon” by David Jones

Honorable mention — “Get Your Own” by Wanda Gordon

Honorable mention — “Good Old Days” by Mary Robinson

Honorable mention — “Around She Goes” by David Jones


Open 2

First — “Untitled Abstract” by Joe Baucom

Second — “Wisconsin Old House” by Mary Robinson

Third — “Sunset in Illinois” by Mary Robinson

Honorable mention — “Long Road Home” by Carol Rice

Honorable mention — “The Eyes Have It” by David Jones

Honorable mention — “From the Past” by Wanda Gordon


Special Competition “Flowers”

First — “In the Middle” by Mary Robinson

Second — “Lily” by Jan Baucom

Third — “Leaping Lilies” by David Jones

Honorable mention — “Meria, Meria” by Jeff Williams

Honorable mention — “Passion Beauty” by Nancy Gassaway

Honorable mention — “Color Makes the Image” by Marie Gassaway

Honorable mention — “Pepper Spray” by David Jones