, Muskogee, OK

March 9, 2013

Shutterbugs name February winners

— The Muskogee Shutterbugs Club meets at 6:30 p.m. at the Muskogee Public Library the second Tuesday of each month.

The next meeting is Tuesday.

The teaching session will be about the exposure triangle and how to take better photos. It is open to photographers of all ages and expertise.

In April the club will be traveling to Coweta to shoot the birds of prey. You can check out the latest news and club information at or Information: David Jones, (918) 686-9130 after 5 p.m.

February winners

Class A


First — “Feet First” by David Jones

Second — “Be Bold ... Be Brave” by JoAnna Davis

Third — “Basket Weaving” by Joe Baucom

Honorable Mention — “Tree Monkey” by Jeff Williams

General Pictorial

First — “Osage Princess” by Robert Atchley

Second — “Jumpin’ Jack” by Nancy Gassaway

Third — “Leave Me Alone” by Patricia Stiles

Honorable Mention — “Bars in the Belfry” by Mary Robinson


First — “Posing for the Camera” by David Jones

Second — “Green Lynx Spider” by Jeff Williams

Third — “Green on Green” by Robert Atchley

Honorable Mention — “Purple Finch” by Mary Robinson

Class B


First — “Margorie Glacier Calving” by David Stiles

Second — “Crash” by Mika Conn

General Pictorial

First — “Old Iron” by Diana Fields

Second — “Into the Spin” by Duane Cain

Third — “Enter at Own Risk” by Diana Fields

Honorable Mention — “Pondering” by Wanda Gordon


First — “Rain Forest Mushrooms” by David Stiles

Second — “Prairie Dog” by Wanda Gordon


First — “Red Dress” by James Edwards

Second — “Capital” by Jan Baucom

Third —“Lighthouse” by Jan Baucom

Honorable Mention —“Yellow Ford” by Joe Baucom