, Muskogee, OK

April 20, 2013

Bare Bones Film Festival awards

— Feature Film Awards

Best Foreign Feature Film — “Truckstop Bloodsuckers”

Best Foreign Language Feature Film — “Who Killed Cinderella?”

Best Family Drama Feature Film — “Hiding in Plain Sight”

Best Romance Film — “Works in Progress”

Best Comedy Feature Film — “Just Crazy Enough”

Best Thriller Feature Film — “How We Got Away With It”

Best Drama, Action, Social Issue Feature Film — “The Unusual Calling of Charlie Christmas”

Best Horror Feature Film — “Quite a Conundrum”

Best Sci-Fi: Fantasy, Action, Comedy Feature Film — “The Phoenix Rises”

Audience Choice Best Feature Film — “So This is Christmas”

Short Film Awards

Best Animated Short Film — “Use Your Imagination”

Best Drama Short Film — “Message Sent”

Best Comedy Short Film — “Killer Abs: Rise of the Abalone”

Best Short Film for Youth — “Life is a Struggle”

Best Horror Short Film — “Survivor Type”

Best Sci-Fi Short Film — “The Fly Trap”

Best Thriller Short Film — “Shooter”

Best Dramedy Short Film — “When It’s Your Time”

Best Western Short Film — “The Rambler: An Outlaw’s Opus”

Audience Choice Best Short Film — “In the Shadows”, “By Man’s Hand”

Short Foreign Film Awards

Best Foreign Drama: Action, Thriller, Fantasy Short Film — “Hit and Run”

Best Foreign Comedy: Adventure, Series Film — “Pete Winning & the Pirates”

Acting Awards

Best Actor in a Feature Film — Chris Kattan, “Just Crazy Enough”

Best Actor/Filmmaker in a Feature Film — Scot Michael Walker, “Rockin’ Reverend”

Best Actress in a Feature Film — Patricia Binkley, “Flowers for Fannie”

Best Ensemble Cast in a Feature Film — “Little Monsters”

Best Actor in a Short Film — Gideon Emery, “Survivor Type”

Best Actress in a Short Film — Deb Fink, “Warnings from the Bathtub”

Best Rising Star Youth Actor or Actress in a Film — Breanna Lakatos, “Red Cloud: Deliverance”

Screenplay Awards

Best Feature Screenplay:

1st — “Settling the Books”

2nd — “The Devil’s Gun”

3rd — “Killer Instincts”

Best Short Screenplay

1st — “Empath”

2nd — “Disintegration”

3rd — “B.E.K.”

Best Horror Screenplay

1st — “Blood and Fangs: The Bloodening”

2nd — “Growing Paranoia”

3rd — “Lumpland.”

Audience Choice Best Screenplay Reading

1st — “The Devil’s Gun” by James Christopher

2nd — “Silver Zombie” by Joe Cook

3rd — “B.E.K.” by Christopher Thompson.

Legacy Keepers-R-Us Award

“The Riot” by Peggy jo Hall.

Special Festival Awards

Ford Austin’s Best Shot Cinematography Award — Kim Cummings, “In Montauk”

Ford Austin’s Best Director Award — David Schmoeller, “Little Monsters”

Outstanding Festival Supporter Award — Larry Hoffman

Indie Trailblazer Award — John Gulager

Lifetime Achievement Award — Clu Gulager

Music Awards

Best Soundtrack for a Film — “When it’s Your Time”

Best Music Video — “Buda Negra”

Best Youth Music Video — “A Piece of My Soul”

P.A.I.N. Awards

Best Short Film: Unmasking the P.A.I.N. Of Domestic Violence — “No One Knows”

Best Feature Film: Unmasking the P.A.I.N. of Domestic Violence — “Not Today”

Best Original Song: Unmasking the P.A.I.N. of Domestic Violence — “Jealousy” by Heidi Priddy

Best Music Video: Unmasking the P.A.I.N. of Domestic Violence — “Feel” by Phillip Nelson

Best Overall: Unmasking the P.A.I.N. of Domestic Violence: Music Video plus Original Song — “Save Me” by Tracy “Super T”

Documentary Awards

Best Documentary Short: Informative — “Heaven’s Rage”

Best Documentary Short: Music, Dance, Art — “Heart and Sole: Twenty Years of Tap Extravaganza”

Best Documentary Feature: Music, Art, Culture — “Unforgettable Fire: The Story of a U2 Tribute Band”

Best Documentary Feature: Humanitarian, Art, History — “Mud and Guts: The Search for Water in Gonave, Haiti”

Audience Choice Best Documentary — “The Last Kamikazes of Heavy Metal”

2013 Indie Auteurs

Laurent Ardoint

Deborah Foster

Richard Foster

Tony DeGuide

Doug Phillips

Thomas L. Phillips

Scot Michael Walker

2013 Indie

Auteur of the Year

James Christopher

Special Festival Awards

Oscar Ray’s Shameless D.I.Y. Promotions Award — Tony DeGuide

Clu Gulager’s Best Acting Award — Kenny Pitts, “The Unusual Calling of Charlie Christmas”

Bare Bones Film Festival Volunteer of the Year Award — Marjorie Szabo

Indie Spirit of the Bare Bones Filmmaker Award — Carlo Rodriguez, “Cannibal Feast”

Muskogee Area Arts Council Movie Poster Artist Award — “The Cardboard Bernini”

Audience Choice Best Movie Poster — “Dawn of the Inflatables”

Student Film Awards

Best Student Film High School and Under — “Killer App”, “Time Flies”

Best Comedy Student Film — “The Painter and the Wife”

Best Romance Student Film — “Madly Unto Eternity”

Best Drama Student Film — “Hatch”

Best Thriller, Action Student Film — “Red Cloud: Deliverance”

Open Category Awards

Best Costuming Film — “The Box”

Best Zombie Film — “Sick: Survive the Night”

Best Use of Special Effects Film (any length) — “Rat Scratch Fever”