, Muskogee, OK

March 30, 2013

Church musical focuses on arrival of Deliverer

Performances today, Sunday at Boulevard Christian Church

— “My Deliverer is coming. My Deliverer is standing by.”

These words to a popular Rich Mullins song are the centerpiece of a production today and Sunday at Boulevard Christian Church. The performances are set for 7 p.m.

According to a media release, video, illusion, drama, singing and dancing are all used along with a variety of music, from classic rock to contemporary Christian to country. But the musical is  more than just a bunch of songs thrown together with flashy lights, creative scenery and bright costumes — it tells of mankind’s search for a hero, a rescuer.

The Bible is rich with such stories: Moses, the exiled former prince who brought a nation out of slavery. David, the shepherd boy who defeated a giant and became a king. Gideon, the outnumbered general whose soldiers faced a mighty army with only trumpets, pitchers and torches — and won. Esther, the peasant girl who became a queen and rescued her people from annihilation.

All these and more delivered their people from slavery or destruction or persecution. But their deliverance was short-lived, so mankind had to look elsewhere for a “Deliverer.”

The only problem was that their idea of what the Deliverer would look like caused some of them – in fact, most of them, to miss the real Deliverer: Jesus, God’s son.

That is the message of Boulevard’s Easter musical.