, Muskogee, OK

April 6, 2013

Strictly Fitness awards six places in fitness challenge

— Strictly Fitness recently awarded six places in its first 12-week fitness challenge. The challenge started Jan. 5 with 35 competitors. Each competitor was given the opportunity to participate in one-hour scheduled sessions with personal trainer and owner, Brian Ousley, and included personal trainers Sherry Smith, Rachel Meinershagen (CrossFit trainer and Zumba instructor), Karla Gibson (Zumba instructor) and Michael Combs (personal trainer and cardioboxing instructor).

The participants were given health and fitness tips by dietitian from EASTAR Health System, pediatrician Dr. Kevin Wade and cardiologist Dr. Satish Kohli. Throughout the challenge, participants were given various avenues to obtain their fitness goals, including use of Strictly Fitness facility and all their programs. Plus participants trained four sessions per week with personal trainers for the duration of the challenge.

The participants lost a combined total of 212.8 pounds, 114 3/4 total inches and a loss of 55.13 percent body fat.

Winners were:

• First place — Michael Hood.

• Second place — Kelvin Brown.

• Third place — Darren Armstrong.

• Fourth place — Jean Lewis.

• Fifth place — Samantha Williams.

• Sixth place — tie between Freda Armstrong and Lynn Perkins.

Owner Brian Ousley said in a media release he was “very pleased” with participants success and stressed winners were selected based on the highest percent of body fat loss, not weight loss, which is different than the standard weight loss challenge. Most competitors are continuing to pursue their fitness goals and hope to make a difference in the life of others in their family, according to the release.