, Muskogee, OK

April 6, 2013

MPL has resources to help girls learn about science

By Gerran Coppin
Books & More

— Quite simply, many girls fall behind their male peers when it comes to learning about science and technology.

There are many causes for this, such as lack of encouragement to join advanced science classes, social pressure to not be interested in science, and the lack of involvement by parents. School and social factors can be hard to control or change, but family involvement and encouragement can help girls pursue their goals in science.

Also, there are plenty of resources for girls to learn about science on their own and work at their own pace.

In order to encourage and help the girls in your life, you first must know something about science to begin with.

For some of us, our education in science has been rudimentary at best, and for others, it has simply been a while since you have used that education.

Thankfully, the Muskogee Public Library offers many services and books to help you enhance your knowledge. “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson covers subjects such as paleontology, geology, astronomy, and the history of science itself. “Science Explained,” edited by Colin A. Ronan, contains in- depth explanations about many scientific phenomena, and also provides helpful illustrations and pictures to help understand the ideas.

After you brush up your science skills, it’s time to find some materials for your girl in question! The “Eyewitness” book series is one of the best non-fiction books series available. They contain many color pictures and illustrations, and cover many, many different subjects including animal types, geography, history, transportation, dinosaurs, the weather, and even the military. This series is very engaging, and is perfect for long car or plane rides. They also have a companion series called Eyewitness Visual Dictionary that you should check out as well.

Next up is our online resources and databases. To find and use any of these resources, simple go to the Muskogee Public Library’s homepage at www.eok.

Gerran Coppin is a reference librarian at the Muskogee Public Library. Reach her at (918) 682-6657.