, Muskogee, OK

October 13, 2012

MPL’s eBook selection easy, fast for all

— The Muskogee Public Library’s eBook selection on Overdrive is easy and fast and compatible with most eReaders and apps.

It is available at and scroll down to the “Download eBooks” link.   

Eastern Oklahoma District Library System, which is made up of 15 libraries including Muskogee Public Library, Q.B. Boydstun Public Library, Rieger Memorial Library and Warner Public Library, added eBooks to its collection in September and  those who want to use their reading devices will go to Overdrive and see what is there.  

One hint, said Fort Gibson Manager Rhonda Lee, is to browse what is available.

“If you go on the site with a list of books and authors, you may be frustrated,” she added.  “Six major publishers have opted not to sell their eBooks to libraries and two other publishers have drastically increased selling prices.”

As a result, gaps in what is available may exist.  “But there is lots of good content,” Lee said. “And it’s easier to find if you browse by genre, or the type of books you like to read.”

New content is being added daily, so readers should go back and check from time to time to see what is available.  Those who prefer to buy eBooks from Amazon should do so from the library’s Overdrive site, thus giving the library part of the proceeds.

“We are happy to offer eBooks to library patrons,” Lee said.  “Try it and let us know what you think!”