, Muskogee, OK

November 3, 2012

Magazines, newspapers available online from Muskogee library

By Karen Thomas
Guest Columnist

— Supper is over and after a hard day of work you are ready to relax for a few hours. Then your child suddenly announces that he has a report due tomorrow. It’s too late to drive to the Muskogee Public Library to get the books and magazine articles that your child needs. What can you do?

If you have Internet access, you can still visit the Muskogee Public Library and access hundreds of magazines, newspapers and professional journals plus numerous Reference books all from the comfort of your home. Go to Muskogee Public Library at www.eok.lib. and click on the maroon colored “research” tab near the top of the page. There you will find a list of the databases, many of which can be accessed away from the Muskogee Public Library.

A description of each database describes what types of information and topics it covers and the target audience it serves. Credo Reference has many of the books you would find in the reference section of your public and school library, including specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks and much more.

With EBSCO you will find books, popular magazines, professional journals and more for those in elementary through college and beyond. There are also databases for those who have or want to start a small business as well as medical information for both the layman and the medical professional.

HelpNow database allows a student to receive online tutoring to help in mastering a new concept or skill. HelpNow also has a 24-hour writing lab and an Adult Education Center to assist with US Citizenship testing, resume and cover letter writing and much more

JobNow is another database service similar in style to HelpNow. With JobNow you can find assistance in creating a resume, doing an interview, and finding resources which lists job opportunities.

Planning to visit another country? The Mango database teaches a variety of languages using a fast, easy and fun method that allows you to proceed at your own pace. There are also lessons to help those from other countries learn to speak English.

Another popular database found through the Muskogee Public Library’s webpage is Universal Class. Here you will find more than 500 courses that you can take for free. Most classes allow you six months to finish but you can proceed as quickly as you are able.

The courses range from cooking classes, arts and crafts, dog training to office skills, homeschooling, computer skills and much more. While these can not take the place of any state, government, licensing, or educational requirements some of the courses can be used for continuing education credit (CEUs). Check with your place of employment to see which classes would be approved for CEUs.

Download and listen to an audiobook with OneClickDigital or download an ebook using OverDrive. Visit Novelist to find information about your favorite authors, recommendations of books similar to your favorite books and discussions topics of many popular books and authors.

To learn more about these and other databases, and how to use them, visit the Muskogee Public Library or call (918) 683-6657. The library staff will be glad to answer your questions and can even set up a Book-a-Librarian for one-on-one training.

Karen Thomas is an outreach librarian for the Muskogee Public Library. Reach her at (918) 682-6657, Ext. 236.