, Muskogee, OK

March 8, 2014

True Grit Welness Challenge begins

— What is True Grit? A novel, two movies or is it something else altogether? By definition, True Grit means “to show your toughness to any problem.” In 2014, help Muskogee Public Library celebrate “True Grit” by working to complete Mattie’s 450-mile journey and kick-starting your own wellness journey. The deadline to complete the journey is June 20.

The challenge is separated into two categories: Fitness activities and wellness activities. Those participating in the challenge can earn “miles” not only be physical activity, but by choosing healthier living options (such as quitting smoking and eating more fruits and veggies) as well.

Those who are participating in the Be Well Okie Challenge can count whatever applicable activities they do for that challenge toward the “True Grit Wellness Challenge.”

Information: Jeremy Jones, (918) 682-6657 or