, Muskogee, OK

November 9, 2013

Library looks for creativity with printer

By Jan Bryant
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— Muskogee Public Library wants you to “go creative.” We have a Makerbot 3D printer which we want to share with the community. The Makerbot is a small 3D printer that will create objects up to 11.2 inches long by 6 inches high by 6.1 inches deep. It can be used to create practical objects or things just for fun.

The Makerbot was made possible by a grant from the City of Muskogee Foundation. The library requested the printer as a part of our grant application for our 2013 Kids Technology Camp, “Learn-Create-Share@MPL.” The kids in the video game creation class were able to not only design 3D models but were actually able to print their three dimensional object on the Makerbot.

This same printer is now available for public use. The basic restrictions on its use are that a person has an orientation session with the library’s IT staff and schedules a time to use the equipment. The cost for the completed object is 10 cents per gram, rounded to the nearest gram. The complete guidelines for use are available at the library.

The Makerbot creates the objects from PLA Filament (renewable bioplastic). It makes true-to-life, high-resolution, professional-quality, realistic products. It is great for making prototypes for a new invention by turning the design into an object. Then again it is fun just to see your 3D object become more than a flat character on the screen.

Muskogee Public Library is one of the few libraries in the country to have a 3D printer. There was a news article this summer concerning a Makerbot at Chicago Public Library and it has the exact same model as MPL. We want the community to know that your public library provides not only traditional library services but is moving into new realms of service such as providing 3D printing services to the citizens of Muskogee. We are grateful to the City of Muskogee Foundation for the grant that made it possible and say thank you for helping us move into the future.

Come see us at Muskogee Public Library, 801 W. Okmulgee. We are here for you.

Jan Bryant is the head librarian at the Muskogee Public Library. Reach her at (918) 682-6657 or