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November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving memories

Fort Gibson elementary school students share theirs

— For my Thanksgiving memories I spend time with my family. I always have turkey. We like to eat mash potatoes and grvy. We all love each other.

I spend time with my brothers. I spend time with my mom, dad, and I spend time with my family members.

We play football with each other on Thanksgiving. We all race. We all have food races. We all do a lot of things as a family.

We eat pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. We also eat mash potatoes and gravy, and stuffing. We eat all sorts of things. We have chocolate pie, apple pie, and we have pecan pie.

We eat turkey, we play football. We talk to our family members or ciblings. We eat mash potatoes.

My mom says, “the food is almost ready.” Then my dad says, “oh thanks.” Then my mom says, “you’re welcome.” That was the end of my

Dakota Sherrer

My Thanksgiving is sometimes with my grandpa, grandma, mom, and brother. Those are the most people I like to hang out with at Thanksgiving. We sometimes have really nice conversation. One time I asked my mom “when will the turkey be ready?”

The things we do at Thanksgiving is watch tv, we eat, we wait for the food to be ready, and we play with my dog. My dog is really fun sometimes.

The things we eat at Thanksgiving is turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and gavy. My grandma is the best cook ever.

So the most things I like at Thanksgiving is spending time with family and I really like the food. We watch tv on Thanksgiving and we like to play with my dog. Thats why I like Thanksgiving.

Cameron Dornan

Thanksgiving is a special time. We usally have alot of people over. The place where I have Thanksgiving is at my grandma’s house. My family and I have so much fun together on Thanksgiving.

One person I spend time with on Thanksgiving is my mom. I usally ask her “Mom, when will the turkey be ready?”. Then she says “I don’t know but probably soon.” Another person that I spend time with is my grandma. We always cook food together.

Something that I eat on Thanksgiving is pumkin pie, but my favorite thing to eat is blackberry cobbler. I also eat alot of turkey. My grandma makes alot of food during Thanksgiving. Her rolls are the best rolls in the world. These are things I eat during Thanksgiving.

One thing that I do during Thanksgiving is eat. I eat until my stomach hurts. My family always watches the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade together. On Thanksgiving my family spends alot of time together. Before we get to eat our food my grandad says a prayer. That is what my family does together on Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving my family spends alot of time together. We always watch the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. My family also eats lots and lots of turkey. I love Thanksgiving.

Carleigh Newsom

At Thanksgiving me and my family eat a lot of food we get stuffed with meat, mashed potatoes and corn. My family and I eat at both of my grandma’s houses. After we are done eating me and my relatives play.

The people I spend time with is mostly my grandma’s. I spend time with my dad and mom also. Before we eat my dad says “bow your head and close your eyes.” Then we pray. I also spend time with all my relatives.

We eat mostly turkey. We all get stuffed with turkey. My family and I also eat mashed potatoes and gravy. We also eat corn. Last we eat mac and cheese, that is my favorite.

The things we do at Thanksgiving is we eat of course.

The next thing we do is we talk. We talk and talk and talk until we get bored. After that we play a game and laugh.

As you can see I love Thanksgiving. I get to see a lot of relatives. I also love to see them. Also, I am very thankful that I get to have a tremendous Thanksgiving.

Kynzi London

I have good memories. I allwas have it at my grandma’s house. I get to see lots of relatives on Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving we get stuffed with food.

People I spend time with at Thanksgiving is my grandma, grandpa, cousins and relatives.

Things we do at Thanksgiving is eat. We also play football outside. Like everybody else we watch football. After the game my dad usally says “it was a good game to day.” We play basketball to.

Things we eat at Thanksgiving is turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and it is good. We also eat pumpkin pie and dressing.

It is so good.

My Thanksgiving is allways good because I get to spend time with my family.

Hayden Leveille

I’m going to write about Thanksgiving. I will write about people I spend time with. Things I do. Finally food I eat.

I spend time with my mom. I spend time with my dad. I also spend time with my granma and my grandpa.

I play at Thanksgiving. Also I talk to people. Finally I of course eat and drink.

At Thanksgiving we eat mashed potatoes and gravy and roast. These also turkey and pumkin pie. Theres awalys someone who says “this is good food.”

Dawson Perkins

I have had many Thanksgiving dinners in the past. They have been all awsome. I get to see my family and have fun. We also get stuffed. We get stuffed with turkey.

The people I spend Thanksgiving with are my cousins. I also spend time with my grandparents. Normally my aunts and uncles too.

We do a lot of things at Thanksgiving. Me and my cousins play outside. Me and my grandparents have a long conversation. My aunts & uncles share cheer. My mom hollars, “dinners ready”.

We eat a lot of things like pecan pie. We also eat turkey & ham. I love devild eggs, so we normally eat them.

These are some things I enjoy about Thanksgiving. I love seeing all of my family. I also like that we share cheer. We always get stuffed.

Baylee Hare

I have a lot of Thanksgiving memories. My whole family comes to celegrate it. We always have it at my house. My family always has a big turkey and we just have fun.

I spend time with my parents and tell jokes at Thanksgiving. I have fun with my cousins and just play around. Now my borthers are always pulling pranks on me, they will embarass me in front of everybody.

We do a lot of things at Thanksgiving. Me and my cousins always have a football game. My brothers always start the card game. We just have as much fun as we can.

My grandma always cooks a awesome meal and awesome pumpkin pie. We always watch football games on t.v. We never have not had fun.

Jace Gilliam

Every year at Thanksgiving I spend time with my family. Spending time with family ahs gave me some memories. So today I am going to tell all about those memories. We have Thanksgiving at my house.

First I am goin gto tell you all of the people I spend time with. I spend time with my grandparents and parents. I also spend time with cousins and siblings. Those are the people I spend time with.

Now for all the things we do at Thanksgiving. We always cook because what is Thanksgiving without food? Every year we sit and talk as a family. Lastly we eat the delicious food we cooked as a family.

Just to let you know what we eat I am now going to tell alot of the things we eat. Every year we eat mashed pototoes and gravy. We also eat vegtables such as green beans and corn. We eat salad too. The most important thing to me is the meat, we usally have turkey and ham. The last two things we have is stuffing and bread. Those are the things we eat at Thanksgiving.

Alltogether we spend time with each other. We do things together. We eat together. Lastly we have fun together every year at Thanksgiving. Oh! and I always hear people say “I’m stuffed!” and “That was delicious!” Those are all the memories we have together as a family on one of my favorite days of the year, Thanksgiving.

Kendall Beshears

I am going to tell you about Thanksgiving memories. I go to my grandma’s house with my mother, dad, and brothers. We eat all most all the food.

People I spend time with at Thanksgiving are my mom, dad, brothers, cousins, grand parents, ants, and uncles.

Things I eat at Thanksgiving are turky, mash potatos and gravey, corn, chicken, green beans, casarol, and enchaladas.

Things we do at Thanksgiving are talk, eat, play football and some play vido games. This is somthing I says is “Is the food ready?”

I have great memories of Thanksgiving. Also when my cousins don’t eat. That is memories of Thanksgiving.

William Briley

My Thanksgiving memories are spending time with my family. We always get together at grandmothers house. Every single time it brings good food to eat. It brings us into conversation.

I always spend time with my siblings. Also of corse my parents, and grandparents. My cousins come in to town from here and there. No one can forget to invite all of your friends.

There are alot of things to do during Thanksgiving. First we have to cook the food. After every one has united at the table momb starts the big feast. “Pass the pea please,” is said in the mix of skatterd conversation over the table.

Things almost everyone eats at Thanksgiving is turky. Mom always sends your way the veggies to “get your nutrition.” I am always a sucker for variaties of pies. Nobody I know can pass on the delicious homemad mashed potatoes and gravy.

During Thanksgiving everyone enjoys family time together. We always take the time to talk and plan for black friday. The food is the best I ahve had in a while. The one big reason that tops them all is the great memories.

Carlee Fugate

I have very many great memories from Thanksgiving. Usually alot of my family comes. We have it at my grandma’s. We always have turkey and a bunch of other food. We do lots of things at Thanksgiving.

I usually spend time with my brother, sister and cousins. We hang out together because we never get to see my cousins they live in Porter. They don’t come around much.

The first thing we do is eat of course. Then we go on the back porch and we eat, talk and play. After we are done we go outside and play basketball. When we get bored from basketball we go out to the shop.

What we usually eat is turkey, green bean cassarole, meatballs, and pumpkin pie. My grandma usually cooks the food I always say, “Grandma you are a great cook” and she always says “Thank you sweet heart.” Next we start to watch football and my cousins always say “I love football” and I always say “I don’t really like football.”

In conclusion on Thanksgiving I spend a lot of time with my family. We usually liek to talk, play, and eat. Also we eat a bunch of food like turkey, cassarole, pie, and a bunch more. I love Thanksgiving.

Baylor Young

My Thanksgivings are fun! We do a lot of things at Thanksgiving. I can’t wait till Thanksgiving!

We do very fun things at Thanksgiving. All of my cousins like to play football and hide a seek in the dark. It might seem after all hard to play hide and seek in the dark but no, it is fun! My two uncles and dad watch t.v. One of my favorite things to do is play pool. We go to my grandma’s for Thanksgiving and she has a pool table.

On this holaday, I don’t eat alot of turkey, but I do eat some turkey. When it is time to eat they come down and say “time to eat buckos and buckwheats!” At the table my uncles and dad talk about sports or football. They are like “the Vikings play in 15 minutes.” “Oh, I didn’t know that,” says my uncle. We eat beans, potatoes, turkey, and dessert.

I have a lot of people I spend time with. I spend time with Jennifer, Tonya, Shyla, Pat, Mark, Todd, and Brent. The people that I spend time with most is Trent, Kenzi, Colin, Jurney and Jasher Kourt.

We play pool, watch t.v., eat turkey, and talk. Also we play hide and seek and eat great things. Thanksgiving is great.

Garon Kourt

I have so many great memories of Thanksgiving. It is a great time to spend time with family and friends. We have really good food and games.

We have pumkin pie, stuffing, turkey, gravy, mash potatoes, also we have fruit casoroll, and deviled eggs. And my mom says “let’s cut the cake!”

We have fun games like lazer tag and glow in the dark tag. We also do sparklers, paint ball, and tag against relatives.

We all get stuffed with turkey, stuffing, and desert. Most of our relatives eat the turkey!

Andrea Wekenman

My Thanksgiving memoreis are. The people I spend with at thanksgiving my favorite person to spend time with my grandma and things we do at thanksgiving eat turkey.

People that I spend time with is my grandma mom and grandpa and my ants and uncles.

Things we do at thanksgiving is eat. We also play hide & seek. We sometimes play red rover and relay races.

The things we eat at thanksgiving is turkey and dressing and mash potatoes and gravy.

Thats my memories of Thanksgiving. I also remember when my day says “let me check if thats poison?” He is only joking because he wants to eat all the food.

Chanler Edwardsen

I play with my cousins every Thanksgiving and we sometimes play tag.

My Aunt puts makeup on me. Sometimes on Thanksgiving we have fun.

I like pumpkin pie because it is so good to eat.

We sometimes go to my grandmas house to get pumpkin roll.

I ride my bike on Thanksgiving because it is so much fun to ride bikes.

I sometimes spend time with my family and my cousins that I talk to on Thanksgiving.

Amanda Siedlik

My Thanksgiving memories are I get to spend time with my family. I have thanksgiving at my nanas. My nana is a good cook. I get to see my aunt and uncle.

I get to spend time with my cousins. I also get to spend time with my dad and mom. I also get to spend time with my nana and papa.

Things my family do at Thansgiving is eat. We also play with each other. We also pray before we eat. Last but not least we laugh.

Things we eat Thanksgiving is turkey and ham. We also eat pudding, pie, and cheesecake. My favorite food that we eat is potatoes, sweet potatoes, and casrole.

My grandma is a great cook. My family has thanksgiving at my nanas. I love to spend to spend time with my family. I also love when I get to see my aund and uncle. I love thanksgiving.

Kaden Perry

Thank you

The Fort Gibson Times would like to thank Fort Gibson Intermediate Elementary teachers Rene Cherry, whose fifth-grade students provided the “Thanksgiving Memories” stories, and Carmen Garrett, whose third-grade students provided the “Turkeys in Disguise” art projects.