, Muskogee, OK

October 3, 2012

Under Cover with Larry: Future of fishing belongs to everyone

— Welcome to fall. Mother Nature is starting to paint her fall picture. The trees are starting to change colors. The orange, reds and yellow colors provide a wonderful landscape. Within a few weeks, the trees will be in perfect condition.

The Tallamena drive from Oklahoma to Arkansas is a sight to see. Middle October is a great time for a Sunday getaway.

Time keeps marching on. This year has gone by so fast. We have less than three months until we will start a new year.

2012 will only be a memory. For many families, 2012 has been a tough year with the loss of loved ones or personal property. With the holidays a couple of months away, we need to keep those families in our prayers. Our troops also need our support.

Many of our lakes or rivers have experienced a decline in the fishing conditions. Anglers have caught fish this year but there wasn't the big numbers as years past.

Maybe the extreme weather or poor water conditions are to blame.

We don't need a decline in our fish because the future of fishing belongs to everyone.

State agencies need to look into a problem with migratory birds and take corrective measures. Many will agree the cormerants (water turkey) have a big impact on our fish population. Something needs to be done to decrease the destructive flocks of birds.

Maybe someone will see the problem before it is too late.

We are closing the store for the 2012 fishing season. We will re-open in 2013. I would like to thank our many customers and readers that support the store.

There will be several minor changes for 2013. We are planning our fishing contests, prizes and activities for the 2013 season. We hope it will be the best season ever.

Archery Deer season started Oct. 1. Looks like it will be a good hunting season.

Every year we hear of hunting related accidents. Many of those accidents could of been prevented. Hunter safety classes have helped educate hunters in hopes to prevent tragic situations.

Many hunters wish the weather was cooler. I feel winter is just right around the corner. I looked into some persimmon seeds and they indicated what could be a tough winter. Old Man Winter is waiting to nip at our noses.

I wish all the hunters a safe hunting season.

Well I've rambled on long enough. I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy your family and loved ones during the Christmas Season.

Always remember, Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas. Pray for our military troops. May they return back home safe.

Thanks for the support and your time. Till next year, be safe, good fishing and keep your line tight.