, Muskogee, OK

January 20, 2014

Talent made large

Higley’s work on display at OU

By E.I. Hillin
Phoenix Staff Writer

— For Mycah Higley, art school is right where she wants to be.

“When I decided to be an art major, I didn’t know what type of opportunity would come up,” Higley said. “It’s something I’ve always done, and I really enjoy it. Since I started at OU, I can’t see myself being in any other field.”

Higley said she has been interested in art since she was young.

“I’ve grown up drawing, and I love to draw,” she said.

Higley graduated from Fort Gibson High School in 2012 and is a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma.

Her photograph print on canvas titled “Made Small” is part of the University of Oklahoma’s 100th Annual School of Art and Art History Student Exhibition.

The annual juried show takes place each spring semester and highlights the works of art created by OU School of Art and Art History students.  

“There were a lot of entries so I was really happy to get in,” Higley said.

Of the hundreds of pieces submitted, 55 were selected to be part of the exhibition.

She said her art piece was inspired by nature and architecture.

“I draw trees a lot. I like to incorporate architecture in there, too,” she said. “In the photo, there’s a little piece paper I drew a castle on that was the concept of it.

“Architecture and buildings now sometimes make trees and nature appear really small. I wanted to reverse the roles and make the castle seem insignificant.”

Higley has been inspired by her professors and teachers, including her high school art teacher.

“I know my art teacher in high school, Amber Lobaugh, really encouraged me and helped me build upon my art skills and opening me up to different areas,” Higley said.

Lobaugh made a trip to Norman to see the art show and to see Higley’s work.

“I am very proud for her. I went to the opening to see it and her. It’s nice to see my art student get recognized for the amazing talent that she has,” Lobaugh said.

Lobaugh said the art exhibit showcased a variety of talented artists.

“There were so many really great pieces. I am really proud of Mycah to be counted among them.”

Lobaugh is not Higley’s only fan. Her grandmother, Judy Higley, has been collecting her artwork for years.

“She is my oldest granddaughter,” Judy Higley said. “I’m just proud of her. She has always been drawing pictures. I’ve got some she drew when she was really young.”

Mycah Higley plans to continue her education and graduate from the University of Oklahoma. She would like to become an art professor to pass on her passion for art.

“I’m inspired by a lot of my professors,” Higley said. “We share ideas. We merge ideas. It’s really inspiring just being in art school.”

The exhibition will be on display through Feb. 16.

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Meet Mycah Higley

AGE: 19.

HOMETOWN: Fort Gibson.

EDUCATION: Higley is a sophomore studying Studio Art at the University of Oklahoma. Fort Gibson High School Class of 2012.

FAMILY: Parents, Mike and Michelle Higley; grandparents, Judy and Art Higley.

HOBBIES: reading, drawing, and hiking.