, Muskogee, OK

April 21, 2014

Eggs-citing hunt: Church of Christ holds Easter celebration

By Travis Sloat
Times Staff Writer

— Logan Jacobs said he doesn’t have any particular strategy when it comes to collecting Easter eggs.

“I go after every one I see,” Logan, 6, said. “My favorite colors are blue and green. I’m going to open them next, and I hope I find all kinds of good stuff.”

Logan was one of approximately 200 kids who attended the Fort Gibson Church of Christ Easter celebration on Saturday afternoon.

The children were able to jump on inflatables, hunt for eggs and take pictures with the Easter bunny, while adults were able to enjoy a free hot dog and fellowship.

Jerry Adamson, a member of the Fort Gibson Church of Christ, said he’s been helping with the event for the last three years, and he thinks it’s getting better and better.

“It helps keep the community together,” Adamson said as he spread Easter eggs on the ground. “I really like the team effort of our church members to put it on. Everyone has a hand in helping with it. It’s also an important tool to help spread God’s word at Easter.”

Three sections of the church’s lawn were delineated for different age groups, then littered with hundreds of plastic eggs filled with goodies.

When the word “Go” was shouted, it didn’t take long for each section to be picked clean, and many of the children came out of the hunt with multiple baskets overflowing.

James Correll and Mona VanHook had three children competing, one in each age group. VanHook said she loved everything about the day.

“I love the food, the bounce houses, everything,” she said. “The kids are enjoying it so much. The weather is perfect today as well.”

Correll said he enjoyed the event because it brought him together with his family.

“It also gives a chance for the community to come together and socialize,” Correll said. “Everyone can be happy and just enjoy the day.”

Once the hunt was over, children had to decide whether they wanted to crack the eggs and claim their spoils, or go take a turn in an inflatable and eat a hot dog.

A few wanted to do everything at once and were disappointed they didn’t have enough hands.

Tammi Jacobs, a Fort Gibson resident, said it was her first year to the event and she was impressed with it.

“There are so many eggs and hot dogs,” Jacobs said. “An event like this helps draw people into the church.

“We usually have a big egg hunt at my sister’s house, but we came out here this year. I love seeing the smile on (Logan’s) face and the satisfaction he gets out of finding the eggs.”

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