, Muskogee, OK

October 4, 2013

Know your teammate, week 5

Warner’s Bobby Ward takes his shot this week. Let’s see how well he knows teammate Clint Kite.

Would you date your best friend’s ex-girlfriend, or would you be mad if your best friend dated your ex-girlfriend?

Bobby: “He’d say ‘I wouldn’t be mad if my friend dated my ex-girlfriend and  I wouldn’t date his ex-girlfriend.’

Clint: “No. That’s breaking bro code.”

Clint’s a little more clear on that, so just in case you get any ideas.....

Who is your hero?

Bobby: “Breff Favre.”

Clint: “My dad (Eddie Kite, Connors women’s basketball coach).”

Great choice Clint — we’re pretty fond of your ol’ man too. What we wonder, though: while knowing  with certainty Eddie could coach a zone defense better than Favre, would Eddie have liked to throw a pass like Brett?

Favorite show growing up:

Bobby: “Barney.”

Clint: “Didn’t watch TV.”

Which is why your dad is your hero, Clint. You avoided the corruption of thinking dinosaurs existed, and spoke.

If you’re a waiter and a customer was super rude, would you spill food accidentally or think about doing this?

Bobby: “He’d make his food too hot.”

Clint: “I’d spill hot coffee.”

Clint, get you an attorney just in case, and keep those job applications floating at multiple places. Bobby, you guys need to re-huddle. But better luck tonight on the field where it really counts.