, Muskogee, OK

September 27, 2013

Know your teammate, week 4

—  Vian’s hitting on all cylinders at 3-0. Likewise, Wolverine Andre English will attempt to click on all cylinders in his knowledge of his  teammate, Dakota Eads.

What’s Dakota’s biggest phobia?

Andre: “Snakes.”

Dakota: “Snakes.”

Hey, just like football. So far.

Who was Dakota’s first crush and how old was he?

Dakota: “Jaci Jumper, 14.”

Andre: “Taylor Swift, 14.”

With a name like Jumper, she might have been a help in hopping snakes. Taylor? Depends on whether singing chases away snakes.

What would Dakota do for $1 million?

Dakota: “Jump into a pool full of snakes.”

Andre: “He’d do just about anything. Dance on TV, I guess.”

I don’t think we can weave this into a correct answer, but imagine jumping into a pool full of snakes to Taylor Swift’s “Jump, then Fall.”

If Dakota was an animal, what would he be?

Dakota: “A panther, because they are awesome.”

Andre: “A tiger or lion.”

Well, in either case, he might not be as scared of snakes. But what would a cat do with $1 million?