, Muskogee, OK

November 20, 2013

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Christians should not evolve

— There was only one letter to the editor recently, with four columns written by a homosexual. He seems to be concerned about public opinion of him. He says to other Christians, they should evolve now.

Christians become new (spiritual) creations. Evolve? By that, meaning we should now be more compromising, now called politically correctness? He seems to justify his behavior by saying the criticism of him is of Jesus.

If he has really accepted Christ, he then is born again spiritually. There should be repentance and a change in behavior.

For example. a murderer can be saved and forgiven but thereafter never kill again. Beyond salvation, there is maturing and there should be sanctification, to go toward perfection or completion.

Jesus Christ is also known as the Word in the New Testament. A born-again Christian should read the Bible, (the Word). From Genesis to Revelation, the Word illustrates that marriage or even mating is between a man and a woman. God created male and female, one reason is for reproduction, for creation of a family.

The church is the Bride of Christ, which gives a spiritual meaning to earthly marriage. The book of Leviticus warns against homosexual behavior. In the New Testament, St. Paul also warns about it in Romans 1: 24–27 and 2nd Timothy 3:2-3. Foreknowing that in the end times (now), it would be an issue.

Certainly, this does not mean these are hate scriptures. The Word says God is love. Those admonitions are to help and protect us. Those have been part of the Word of God for centuries and for eternity. No court, legislation or political pressure will change it.

To Rusty, also it doesn’t mean other Christians are rejecting you as a person. God loves you. I’m sure there is a Bible believing church and a prayer group that will accept you. Also, it’s best to avoid negative, critical, arrogant conversation, no matter the subject.

Gary Van Antwerp

Broken Arrow