, Muskogee, OK

November 2, 2012

THE PEOPLE SPEAK – Jerry Rains is best choice

— I disagree with your Phoenix Editorial Board’s endorsement of Arthur Hulbert, though you are entitled to your choice. My choice, and vote, will be going to the person who will actually have the potential to help bring about the changes we need, Mr. Jerry Rains.

It has been interesting to watch Mr. Hulbert transform (Romney Etch-o-Sketch) himself from his Primary Election as a “Tea Party Favorite” to his base, to his current ‘miraculous conception’ as the most ‘middle of the road’, ‘all things for all people’ candidate. The real Arthur Hulbert effectively revealed his true, ideological self in the Phoenix HD14 article of October 31st.

The Board noted Mr. Hulbert’s “passion and energy” as a deciding factor. They chose salesmanship over substance. Some of the things he is ‘passionate and energetic’ about are not what we need more of. Mr. Rains said correctly, “imposing social and religious values upon the populace is a role unsuited for government.” Mr. Hulbert has no problem imposing his social and religious values on everyone else, whether or not they are of his faith. He sees no problem with legislating morality, something best left with the church, not our government. He will fit right in with our current far-right, ideological legislators at the State House. Regardless of his salesmanship skills, Mr. Hulbert will not be able to enact change, he will have to conform to his party leaders desires or be pushed aside. This includes the Republican drive to de-fund education in Oklahoma.

Mr. Rains is not beholding to these same leaders and can best fight for the change we need. I encourage everyone to vote for leadership and substance over salesmanship; vote for the better choice, vote Jerry Rains for HD 14.