, Muskogee, OK

November 9, 2012

THANK YOU 11.10.12

— ON BEHALF of the Fort Gibson School District, We would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation to the Cherokee Nation and the nursing staff: Jackie Stone, Carrissa Kiffmeyer, Stephanie Kemp, and Bobbie Stamps for your generosity in support of the community flu shot night and the time set aside for staff and family flu shots. Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to reach our goal. Your assistance means so much to me but even more to the staff and community of Fort Gibson.  Also a big “Thank You!” to Gabriela Briley, Melinda Sterner, George Kunsman, Eric Hopkins, and James Holmes for your time and energy in making the community flu shot night a success. Thank you from all of us,

Kim Sisley, District Nurse

Sherry Rybolt, IE Principal

Shelly Holderby, ELC Principal

I WOULD like to say thank you to the Phoenix Sports department for doing a wonderful article on the 7th Grade White Muskogee Youth Football team. Coaches, players and parents have made extreme sacrifices over the last five years to develop and promote this group of players and help with the building of a foundation for these future Rougher High players. I would also like to point out that the MYFC 6th grade team also qualified for the playoffs this year with a 7 and 2 record finishing third in their division and also our 3rd grade team finished 3rd in their division and qualified for the playoffs with a 6 and 3 record. Two other 7th grade teams compete in this league and also have a talented group that will be combined next year in the 8th grade.  The future is definitely bright for Muskogee Football in the years to come because of the work being done with the MYFC and Paul Young Football. All these young Roughers need is your support as they progress. Football is a true team sport and needs the help and support of parents as well as business and community. Everybody moving the same direction with the same goal will breed success in team sports and I feel Muskogee is on the right track, the only variable is time. The lights will soon be shining bright on Friday nights in Muskogee once again.

Boyd Jones

Director of Football Operations

Muskogee Youth Football and Cheer

THE BOARD of Directors of Promoting Animal Welfare Society Inc. (PAWS) and all the animals in our no-kill shelter would like to thank the community of Muskogee for it support for our main fund raiser, Animal Fest, on Oct. 6.

We had a great turnout even though the temperatures that day were unseasonably chilly.

We would like to thank the following people for their sponsorship of Animal Fest: Muskogee Daily Phoenix, Animal Medical Center, Charlie's Chicken East, PETCO, Creek Nation Casino, Direct Traffic, Corporate to Casual, Oxford Productions, Sadler Paper Company, Louis and Dorothy Farmer and Advanced Workzone Services. Thanks to First Star Bank, Terry and Mary Eddings and John Griffin for cash donations.

We are grateful to the following merchants for donating items for our raffle: Haley and Loyd Jewelers, Fish Plus, Economy Pharmacy West Side, K-Mart, Bebb's Flowers, Red Lobster, Amish Country Store, Golden Corral, Whitlock Wishhouse, Applebee's, IHOP, Buffalo Wild Wings, Speedway Grill, Browns Shoes, Chilangos, Cowboys Bar-B-Q, Cookies Bedazzled, Fence Me In, I'm a Basket Case, Tractor Supply, Bebb's Flowers and Cagle Flowers. Thanks to Orscheln Farm and Home for their generous donation of products to our shelter.

Thank you to our volunteers: Madalin Ownby, Makayla Cypert, Brenda Hull, Destiny Dearman, Elouise Farmer, Louis Farmer, Victoria Carvajal, Paige Frix, Sue Cote, Claudette Courtemanche and Kate and Rob Schroeder. A big “thanks” to Patsy Rodin, Martha Stoodly and Geni Gallant for the donation of delicious baked goods.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead 1901 - 1978

The Board of

Directors of PAWS

I’M SORRY I have been so long thanking Walmart for the new wheelchairs. I wrote a letter to the editor about the problems I was having finding a wheelchair for my handicapped granddaughter, who loves to shop there and can tell me the exact aisle anything I need is on.

I want to also thank the person who sent my letter to the general manager of the Muskogee Walmart store, Brian Wallace, who contacted me personally about my letter. I have never spoken to a nicer gentleman. He assured me he would get new wheelchairs, and now we have plenty. It’s such a relief to go in the door and see them, instead of having to look for one and many times having to leave because none were available.

Thanks again Mr. Wallace, and my granddaughter, Jenna Bowen, says thank you as well. Walmart is very fortunate to have you working for them and getting things done.

Margaret Goehmann