, Muskogee, OK

April 8, 2014

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Streets a testament to candidate's abilities

— April 1, Mike Stewart, Public Works Director, city of Muskogee, announced he will run for County Commissioner, District 1. The announcement on April 1, (April Fools Day) surely is a joke on District 1 residents. Mr. Stewart touts his “36 years of experience with street maintenance and construction.” and his “appointment in 1987, to the position of Street Superintendent.”

Mr. Stewart, are you really proud of the streets in Muskogee as you apparently would have us believe? Tell us it “ain’t” so. From the men using shovels, attempting to repair road damage using cold asphalt from the bed of a one-ton flatbed truck to their supervisors and finally to you, street maintenance in Muskogee is abysmal. Starting with the shovel guys to Mr. Stewart, there is a total lack of pride in their work and a total lack of supervision.

Now, you want to be elected as County Commissioner District 1? To the voters in District 1, if you enjoy driving on Muskogee's fine streets then vote for Mr. Stewart. If you are not impressed with the city streets in Muskogee, vote for his opponents. Being a voter in District 1, you will not get my vote.