, Muskogee, OK

September 29, 2012

THE PEOPLE SPEAK – Sen. Garrison deserves your vote

— Senator Earl Garrison is an extremely valuable member of the Oklahoma State Senate. Senator Garrison has experience in all phases of public education and has long been committed to voting for those measures which he feels are in the best interests of the people of Oklahoma even when doing so causes him to cross party lines.

When Senator Garrison rises to speak, his colleagues in the Senate pay careful attention because he is thoughtful, well prepared and considerate in his comments. Earl’s voice is important to our deliberations because he has the courage to speak his views even when they may not always be popular with the majority. Such courage is crucial if we are to make good decisions on behalf of our beloved Oklahoma.

As a Republican, I think it is important to have legislators with sound judgment, impeccable character and social grace working for the citizens of Oklahoma. Senator Earl Garrison embodies all these characteristics.

Because of his enduring commitment to improving the lives of his constituents through education and his important voice in our debates, it is my hope that the citizens of District 9 will re-elect Senator Garrison to another term in the Oklahoma State Senate.


OK Senate District 21 Chair,

Subcommittee on Educational Appropriations