, Muskogee, OK

January 28, 2014

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Ribbons have many different causes, colors

— There are so many illnesses that we recognize by colored ribbons. My New Year’s resolution was to do further research on the different causes and different colored ribbons.

I started this off by shaving most of my hair for a friend in January and painted purple ribbons in my hair. Ashley Mora at Hollywood Hair shaved the ribbons in my hair and painted them. The purple stood for larcarcenoma and pancreatic cancer.

To my surprise, the color represents many diseases that aren’t recognized by the public. There are as many as 12 others for the color purple.

My color now is red, often recognized for heart disease. I just shaved my head again and painted red ribbons in my hair. The public ought to know there are 14 other diseases recognized by the color red.

Some people are surprised by me shaving my hair, but it is only hair. It will grow back. Education is much more important than a little hair on your head.