, Muskogee, OK

May 30, 2014

Thank you — 05.31.14

— HAVING JUST recently buried my son, Ray D. Byrd, a Vietnam veteran, I think it fittingly proper to thank the V.A. for the many years of caring for him in such an excellent way.

To Emanuel Thompson, Chaplain who comforted me when I was called that he had passed. To Mr. Pack, Chaplin who called to see if I needed anything. Also, thanks to the V.A. Medical staff who sent me comforting words.

Then thanks to Peggy Eaton, Delbert’s social worker who sent me words of comfort. Most of all, I know he was cared for the 45 years he would go to see a doctor. I’m so thankful for that.

I must also say thanks to Foster-Petering Funeral Home, Frank Smith, and Nyla Godby was so comforting to me and my family and did a lot of paperwork that I needed. Thank you so much.

Norma McFadden

THE ALLYN WHITE family would like to express their thanks to our precious friends, family, pallbearers, honorary pallbearers and Rev. David White. Thank you for the many cards, phone calls, visits, food, flowers and prayers we received following the tragic death of our son and brother Allyn.

Millsap Funeral Home, thank you for showing compassion and being so sensitive to our needs. It was such comfort to know that he had touched so many lives in his life. Your thoughtfulness, support and prayers were a comfort to the entire family during this difficult time. We are eternally grateful. May God bless each of you in a special way.

Henry and Pat White,

Carla and Ronnie Holuby

THE SALVATION Army Women’s Auxiliary wants to thank First Baptist Church of Muskogee and the men and women of Muskogee and surrounding communities for their generous support of our annual style show and luncheon. The luncheon was held at the First Baptist church on May 2 and was a great success. The contributions received will enable The Salvation Army to scholarship, at no cost to the families, each child from Muskogee county attending our beautiful Camp Heart O’ Hills in Welling, Oklahoma! At Heart O’ Hills, the children will be challenged to grow in Christian faith, live in a Christ-centered community, learn to appreciate and care for God’s creation and practice and develop positive leadership traits.

To all those who attended our style show and luncheon, donated money, goods or services, or who helped out in any way to make this event such a great success, we want to say thank you! You are deeply appreciated.

I WANT TO acknowledge my healthcare team during my recovery from a stroke Sept. 17, 2013. Whenever there is a problem with a V.A. medical center it’s all over the news as well it should be. Yet I want to say I appreciate the compassionate and professional care I received from everyone from the housekeeping staff to the medical staff. I thank God they were all placed in my path. I related this to the newspaper reporter and the channel 6 news team but positive news is not newsworthy obviously so I hope this will appear. Thank you.

Elder Clarence Bell

Refuge Christian Ministries