, Muskogee, OK

November 16, 2012

Thank you - 11.17.12

— Doyle Davidson, Water of Life Ministries of Plano, Texas held an outdoor praise and worship meeting at the Rainbow Division Memorial Amphitheater at Honor Heights Park in Muskogee, Okla., on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012. Over 100 people were in attendance from Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Colorado.

We would like to thank the people of Muskogee for the opportunity to praise and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Lord Jesus Christ in such a beautiful setting on top of Agency Hill.

Kathy Currier

THIS IS A very special thank you to the almost 6,000 voters that voted for me for the office of Muskogee County Sheriff. I know there are almost 6,000 voters, not counting those that could not vote for one reason or another, that wanted to see a change — maybe next time.

I wish Sheriff Charles Pearson the best in the next four years. I hope there are positive changes for Muskogee County. I know there are some very good deputies and other backup and support personnel employed at the sheriff’s department. I know these employees and the jail employees are very dedicated and desire to see the sheriff’s department to be the best in the state. I wish all well and hope to see the department improve.

If I can be of any assistance, Charles, please do not hesitate to call on me. I do wish you the best.

Roger Lee

candidate for Muskogee County sheriff

THE STAFF of Muskogee Catholic Charities would like to thank all the students and teachers who participated in the food drive at Fort Gibson High School recently. They collected and delivered 4,000 cans and packages of food that is being distributed to many local families.

The student council, guided by Britton Nevitt, conducted this wonderful effort, which is making many families’ Thanksgivings more enjoyable. With so much negativity in the world, it is reassuring to see such a positive example from our young people, tomorrow’s leaders.

Ed Falleur

Muskogee Catholic Charities Director

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. would like to express our appreciation to all of the supporters of our recently held Fashion Show.

We are especially grateful to the pastors and parents of the children who were featured in the show, and to the merchants who furnished the clothing. Those stores include Dillard’s, Cato, Sears, Rue 21, Coburn’s Tuxedos, and Crowning Moments.

Thank you, Muskogee, for your continued support.

Aanje Wilkerson, President