, Muskogee, OK

March 12, 2014

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Republicans will lead us nowhere

— Another February and another gathering of one of the most radical group of lawmakers in America. The departure of House Speaker T.W. Shannon seems to have had a slightly moderating effect on the group, but overall barely a blip on the ALEC radar.

Social issues again reign supreme. Never one to be out-crazied by big brother Texas, this group wants to make sure you say “Merry Christmas” and allow open carry by anyone and inside the state capitol. Seems people’s Second Amendment rights are once again in jeopardy. Reminds me of last year when Jerry McPeak tried to pass common sense legislation to ban firearms at parks and soccer fields where small children were playing and practicing. The Republican committee chairman shot it down, castigating McPeak saying the bill was poorly written but then saying that if it became law, some poor fearful redneck might be without his guns for (gasp) 20 minutes. Brilliant.

Over $70 million of federal funds has been spent on attempts to force unhappily married couples to stay married, 80 percent of which had been earmarked to help poor struggling families. Anything to promote their right-wing idiotology. But remember, this is the party that says it’ll stay out of our private lives.

A recent study shows Oklahoma is the ninth most miserable state to live in. With the exception of Ohio, every state in the top 10 is a red southern state in the so-called Bible belt ran by a Republican governor and legislators. So never mind those fracking-induced earthquakes, that’s just God telling you to buy earthquake insurance, load your guns and vote for more Republicans.

Last year in their zeal to screw over injured workers with their workers’ comp “reforms”, one Republican said, “I’ve got seven words on this subject: it’s workers’ comp, not lawyers’ comp.” Um, that’s six words. But given how many times Republicans’ unconstitutional laws have been overturned simply because they address more than one issue, I’m surprised these bargain basement brainiacs can count to two.

Larry Parsons