, Muskogee, OK

April 1, 2013

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — Hard to understand people suffering, dying

BOYNTON — Texas, Nevada, New Mexico and Florida are the four worst ranking states for uninsured residents. Three of the four Republican governors of these states now say they will accept the Medicare expansion. As of Feb. 20, governors from 13 states had said they will not participate. This includes Gov. Perry of Texas and Gov. Fallin of Oklahoma.

Gov. Scott of Florida’s recent change of mind is amazing considering he spent $5 million of his own money trying to derail the health care reform bill. Many respondents on the Internet feel this change is politically motivated.

As a child of the depression and later as a disabled combat veteran and senior citizen, I have seen my share of death and suffering. I saw family members and friends without adequate medical care die early deaths, often leaving young orphans to try to care for younger ones or else be put in orphanages from which boys frequently left to join the military to provide funds for their younger siblings. I saw hard working older people suffer and die in poverty, without funds to provide medical care for themselves when they became too old to work.

It is hard to understand how anyone would want other people to suffer and die because they could not afford or be accepted for health insurance.