, Muskogee, OK

December 25, 2012

THE PEOPLE SPEAK — God loves everyone

To the Christian, believer, non-believer, heretic or any who mis-read scripture from Paul, or claim support from scripture they do not understand. The Lord, ‘My God and Master’, loves all, the whole world over. No one is excluded from the love of my God.

The very heart of Christ is given to poor sinners. We may clearly perceive the freeness and fullness of the mighty grace of our redeemer Jesus Christ, who is willing to receive the youngest child, as well as the oldest believer. He is pleased with loving hearts, who seek lost souls to bring into God’s blessing.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, in his name we seek out and labor for souls of all sorts. We seek out the drunkard, find the lost, help the homeless, instruct the thief, assist the poor. Let every race, let every color, let every age, let every nation be the object of our soul’s prayers.

We live to bring others to Jesus Christ and through his holy spirit, soften hearts that have been hardened. We invite wanderers to the banquet, and compel them to fill the house of the Lord. Let our compassion expand, let us shut out none from prayer and in faith let us bring all we encounter, hoping and believing some find grace, some will be washed in the savior’s blood and some will receive God’s favor.

Let us not doubt the salvation of any man, women or child; for the Lord saves whom he will. Let no difficulties delay our efforts for we as friends labor to seek, find and save souls, ‘living stones’, as converted men, women and children. The Holy Bible, in its entirety is the word of God.

Let each of us do grace work to bring Christ to the needy, and expand the ‘Kingdom of our saviour’ — Christ Jesus. Do you desire to have the love of God in your soul? Ask and you shall receive. Do you feel at this moment a need to find Christ or face death alone? May the Lord bless you today. Amen.