, Muskogee, OK

January 26, 2013

THE PEOPLE SPEAK – Girls could put end to boys club in Senate

— Outnumbered four to one won’t cut it. That’s in the boys club called the United States Senate. Eighty old boys in funeral suits play the lead roles and 20 little Hillary’s prance around and pretend to listen to their ranting and raving.

Boys do the taxing and girls let them have their way, in spite of the fact that women are 51 percent of the population. Pish posh, horse feathers, hogwash.

Will it ever change? Not unless the rules of the game are changed. Voters won’t do it because they are not used to hearing this war of words from us mamas and grandmas. The old boys are not about to share their power voluntarily. It will have to be wrenched from their hands.

The way to do it is to amend the United States Constitution. A Hillary Clinton Amendment to shake up the Senate calls for every state to be represented by one male Senator and one female Senator. Fifty mommies and 50 daddies.

Because we will outlive them, old boys don’t give a damnation about our long-term care, Medicare and Social Security. With parity, we can outvote them. We, girls, will curb the violence by outlawing assault guns and high capacity magazines. We, girls, will stop war where old boys can’t resist sending our sons to die for their country and swear allegiance to the military industrial complex. President Eisenhower said “war settles nothing.”