, Muskogee, OK

September 29, 2012

THE PEOPLE SPEAK – A stay-at-home vote is vote for incumbent

— There will be three types of votes cast in November. A vote for the incumbent is a vote to re-elect the present person filling the position. A vote for the challenger is a vote for the person who is running to be elected to a position held by an incumbent. The third type of vote is what I call the home vote.

The home voter is a registered voter who stays home and does not responsibly cast their freedom to vote for either candidate or listed bills. As a child and teenager, if I made a mess or did something wrong, my parents expected me to clean it up and/or correct the problem I created. A home vote is really a voting support for the incumbent because it is a guarantee that you will not cast a vote against him or her by voting for the challenger. If your 2008 vote has resulted in great disappointment, choosing to keep your vote at home, in the November 2012 nation election, is a decision to pleasantly accept the continuation of the present political path our nation is on today.

Your vote has the power to change the direction of our nation if you disagree with its present path. Your vote has the power to keep the status quo. A home vote is a public disgrace cast upon the many lives whose blood colors the land masses and waters of this world which were given to provide you the Freedom To vote in a presently free nation.


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